Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Michael Bob Starr joined the show in the KFYO studio to talk about his entry into the race to represent District 19 in the United States House of Representatives.

Starr is a recently retired United States Air Force pilot, having retired as a Colonel. Starr was a combat pilot, and served 23 years in the service.

When asked by Hasty why he had decided to run for Congress, Starr answered, "I have spent twenty three years defending the Constitution and serving our country, and to me this is a way to continue doing the same thing. And that's what I'm going to focus on as a representative. I will keep defending the Constitution in Washington D.C. through the halls of Congress."

Hasty asked, "What have you seen from current elected officials, not just in Texas [District] 19, but all over in Congress, where you feel as though you're a voice that needs to be heard in Congress?"

Starr replied:

Well I think Washington, in general, has let us down to be honest. There is a lack of leadership, and a lack of vision in what our country could be. And I am a leader, I am not a politician, obviously Washington is full of politicians, they're not getting the job done, and that's why I think it's important for me and the people like me, to answer that call and go to Congress.

Hasty asked Starr numerous policy questions, beginning with what Starr believes the United States could be doing better in the area of foreign policy. Starr said:

Well I just don't think we've been aggressive enough in the Middle East. I don't think Obama has done what the American people need him to do, [that] is really confront terrorism in a very strong way in the Middle East. We need to make sure our fight against terrorism remains an away game so that we keep our home field safe for our children and our families.

When pressed by Hasty as to whether that meant troops on the ground, Starr explained:

I think we've learned in a couple of conflicts that sending a lot of troops on the ground is not a sure way to guarantee military success. But I think that there's more that we could be doing with the application of air power in particular, which is something that I know quite a bit about, but not necessarily large numbers of troops on the ground.

I have about 1,800 hours in the B-1 [bomber], and about 600 combat hours, 50 different combat mission in five different airplanes, but mostly in the B-1. I was a, I flew in the very first night of Operation Enduring Freedom while the ruins at the World Trade Center were still smoking. In October of 2001 I was in the first formation of B1s to enter Afghanistan airspace, and dropped one of the first bombs on Afghanistan in that conflict.

Starr also answered questions and discussed other issues including border security and illegal immigration, agriculture, veterans, abortion and Planned Parenthood, and challenges he will face in the election.

Summing up what he sees as major points with the foreign policy and Middle East issues, Starr responded with,

I think the world is a very dangerous place right now, and Obama just isn't getting the job done.

Listen to the entire interview with Michael Bob Starr in the video box above. You may visit Starr's website here.

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