Looks like there may be some truth to the cynical old saying, "No good deed goes unpunished."

Case in point: an Illinois man went to donate some of his clothing to Goodwill. But, he unintentionally donated a suit with over $13,000 inside. The man said the money is his life savings and that without it, he cannot pay for medical bills for his wife, who has stage 4 cancer. Goodwill is working to find the suit, but say that there is a possibility that the suit was already sold. According to the man's daughter, he wishes to remain anonymous because he is so "devastated and embarrassed," by the mistake. (and I don't blame him...)

Apparently, the man decided to keep his money in a suit as opposed to putting in the bank because he felt it would be "safer." As much as I love the irony of this situation, I do hope this guy gets his cash back. But I highly doubt it.

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