Goodwill receives all sorts of donations from folks: clothing, furniture, and apparently, large sums of money found in unusual places.

A Goodwill store in St. Louis received a huge surprise when someone dropped off a box of Christmas decorations to donate - along with $14,505 in cash.

Store manager Tina Wells was sorting through a box of Christmas donations when she discovered the money, which included 266 $50 bills, 12 $100 bills and one $5 bill, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"Oh my God," Wells told district manager Latrice Clayborne. "I have money. I found a lot of money."

Surveillance video shows that the donation box containing the mysterious cash was dropped off by someone in a Ford F150 pickup truck. However, the vehicle's license plate isn't visible on the tape, according to the College Times. In the surveillance video, a trailer used to transport the donated goods obscures the truck from visibility. At the end of the surveillance video you can see the truck pulling away but it was too far off in the distance for officials to get the license plate number.

There's just one problem: the donation appears to be unintentional, and Goodwill wants to know who the money belongs to. Not surprisingly, plenty of people have been trying to claim the money is theirs. But Goodwill's not just giving it away; they said the decorations and wrapping paper are "unique" enough that the rightful owner should be able to describe them.

This certainly isn't the first time Goodwill received an unusually large amount of money. Remember the story of the man who donated a suit with over $13 grand inside? Let's just hope the money goes back to the rightful owner, because by the looks of it, there's plenty of schemers out there who would love to lay their hands on an instant $14 grand.

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