Forgive me if I'm a bit late with this, but I think it shows that Mahomes has a top-notch crew helping him cash in on his newfound popularity.

Who here cared about the Kansas City Chiefs before Patrick Mahomes came along? Don't lie. When someone challenged you to name all the teams in the NFL, Kansas City is one of those you'd forget. Now, with Mahomes lighting up the NFL, he's not just on fire in Lubbock, but across the country as well.

I found the display in the picture on the Walmart on 4th and Slide this past weekend. Mahomes is in it, along with former Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu.

This led me to do a little further investigating in which I came up with the TV commercial version of the ad. It's just a variation of "Tastes Great/Less Filling," but funnier.


Here's hoping Mahomes has a long, storied and controversy-free career. He genuinely seems like one of the good guys, and that light shines back on Lubbock

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