After the news broke that Longtime Texas Tech football staff member Tommy McVay passed away on Thursday, August 13th, 2020 social media flooded with tributes to the silver fox in the sunglasses that shadowed every Red Raider head coach since Spike Dykes. This season would have been McVay's 24th.

McVay spanned generations of Texas Tech legacies and his reach couldn't be overestimated. It's that wide. Current head coach Matt Wells spoke in his media availability last week about McVay's impact calling him, "Mr. Red Raider." After the news of McVay's passing Coach Wells doubled down.

Kliff Kingsbury, who knew McVay when Kingsbury was a player and the head coach, spoke on McVay during his Arizona Cardinals press conference saying, "He was always the biggest fan of all of us." Kingsbury continued. "He would show up and you would feel bigger than you were and you felt like you could do anything."

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also spoke on what an amazing man McVay was.

Current Red Raider defensive back Adrian Frye spoke very highly of McVay and how much he'll miss him and his positive aura this upcoming season.

Another guy who knew McVay as both a player and a coach in the Red Raider program is Joel Filani who expressed his love of McVay and his encouraging spirit.

Current Red Raider quarterback talked about McVay in his media availability saying McVay would always remind him to throw it to the guys in the same colored uniforms and always put a smile on his face.

There are hundreds of tweets, comments and posts across social media praising Tommy McVay which makes it easy to see how much of an impact McVay had on the Red Raider community. From the Chancellor of Texas Tech, former media members that dealt with McVay while covering Texas Tech, fellow Big 12 head coaches, current and former Red Raider athletes and many fans.

Red Raider Greats on Tommy McVay

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