It's a new week so that means we have to recap what you may have missed while working hard or stuck home with a cold. Lubbock seems to always be getting some new kind of place to eat but recently a new authentic Indian food place opened up on 34th Street. Along with new food the old Dragon Buffet near the South Plains Mall was just bought by the owners of Hayashi and the food is just amazing that I encourage everyone to try it at least twice.

Unfortunately with new food places opening Lubbock did receive the devastating news that Joyland would not be opening their doors this summer and have actually closed for good. It's ok though, don't cry, I know it hurts but just remember that LP&L saved a cat from a utility pole at the start of the week so we will make it through these tough times. As we boldly go where no one has gone before I should mention that someone came to Lubbock and he had never been here before, William Shatner was in Lubbock!

I don't think anyone asked William Shatner if he preferred Dr. Pepper over Sweet Tea but maybe you can ask these 10 questions that will stump almost every Texan that you meet. You can also ask your significant other those questions while out with friends this weekend. Remember not to do anything that will make you miss the weekend and spend it in the Lubbock County Detention Center, never waste a weekend.

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These 45 mugshots are of people who were arrested during the week of January 9 through January 15, 2023 and held in the Lubbock County Detention Center. Everyone featured is innocent until proven guilty and have only been charged with at least one felony, be it State Jail Felony, Third Degree Felony, Second Degree Felony, First Degree Felony, a Capital Felony or were arrested and held on a Fugitive Warrant or Detainer, a United States Marshall Remand, or Immigration Customs Enforcement Detainer.

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Lubbock's Mugshot Monday: (January 9 - January 15, 2023)

Mugshots of 45 people arrested in Lubbock

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