For gearheads, Carmageddon on October 4 inside and around the Civic Center was pure heaven!

Whether you liked looking, racing or buying, it was all there. I've been a car guy ever since I can remember and currently drive an SSR. (And yes, I've heard all the Barney jokes!)

KT Kelley

So naturally I showed up early and stayed late. It's cool to me that most of the cars I read about in Hot Rod Magazine -- and failed classes because I wouldn't stop thinking about -- were there!

MSNBC was there as well filming the season three finale of "Car Chasers." Being in radio, it was pretty chill to be able to see the TV side of things. Sorry in advance if my oddly shaped head ends up on your TV.

Well, I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!

Check out photos of just some of the amazing vehicles on display at Carmageddon.