We came in 90 out of 100. Oopsidoodle!

When you get down to it, the Lubbock area has three fireworks displays. And they all have a lot of baggage attached.

First, you have 4th on Broadway/Not on Broadway/In the Park or Wherever. It's okay, but you have to get involved in all of the other stuff all day in order to be close enough to get a glimpse of the fireworks. Despite how many people attend, it's not worth the hassle for everyone else. Not everyone has that much endurance on a 100-degree day.

Next up you have the fireworks at Buffalo Springs Lake, and they haven't been exactly welcoming out there as of late. Finally, you have a private display out by the airport.

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My opinions on this really don't matter though. The fact is that these three were not enough for Lubbock to score very high in the "Best & Worst Places to Spend 4th of July" survey from WalletHub. Lubbock actually scored low across the board in "Celebrations." "Affordability," "Attractions & Activities" and "Safety & Accessibility."

I actually find myself confused at some of these findings, because after all, 4th on Broadway is supposedly the "Largest Free Festival" in Texas. Something's a little weird about that designation because I checked San Antonio and Fort Worth events and they seemed much bigger. My best guess is we get the free festival designation because ours has live music and fireworks together?

Whatever we have, it wasn't big enough to make a dent in the current survey. Here's hoping your personal celebrations make up for it and you have a fantastic 4th of July wherever you may end up.

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