July 4th has come and gone but there are some Lubbock County residents that were very peeved even after the festivities. It seems that many people from within the city limits tend to frustrate some of their more rural neighbors when they go to pay them a visit on the 4th of July.

Creatures of the Night!

It seems that a lot of the problem during the July 4th festivities are some people within the city limits tend to get very close to some of the rural homes which can cause some concern. This is because sometimes a stray spark could catch some of the nearby grasses or any dry foliage to go from a spark to a full on raging fire. Also some people tend to bring out their extremely loud music along with some alcohol trying to have a full party.

The Morning After

The next day is very annoying because a lot of people will leave their used fireworks or mortars behind thinking they're made from paper and should breakdown. A lot of fireworks tend to take ages to decompose because of what's in them to make them work and what's used to seal or protect them. Also we mentioned people will try to party but will also leave their trash behind and even once I discovered an abandoned barbecue grill at a four way stop at a dirt road.

Also there are many more animals outside the city limits so make sure that you are at least some what far away from any big farms, you don't want to start a stampede. So one way to avoid annoying your rural neighbors during, or after the Fourth, is to be mindful of noise when partying, pickup after yourself, and don't start a fire. Also pop all those fireworks.

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