We are officially past the halfway point of 2024, and that means we set our Christmas and New Years travel plans to avoid headaches later. But first, we need to get over our closest hurtle: 4th of July.

For many, the drama and source of contention lies not with extended family surrounding you at all times, but rather in GETTING to the the destination.

When should you start driving on July 4th?

Well, AAA forecasts a whopping 60.6 million people will be traveling on the road on the 4th of July this year. They also predict about 5.37 million travelers will commute by plane this year.

If these numbers come to fruition, that means this year will see the largest number of travelers ever surrounding this holiday.

So, with all of these cars on the road, the recommended times to drive on July 4th last until 2pm. Morning drives would be preferable for those wanting to avoid camping out in your car during traffic jams.

The worst time to drive on July 4th, according to AAA, is between the hours of 2 and 7pm.

Busiest day at the airport during 4th of July week

All week will be a doozy to try and catch your flight, but it's anticipated that Sunday, July 7th, will see over 3 million people shuffling in to the airports to fly home.

TSA offers travel advice for those expecting to fly this week:

  • Arrive early to the airport
  • Be prepared for anything to happen
  • Listen to TSA officer directions
  • Pack smart and leave your fireworks at home...

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