Some people are just the worst.

Early Saturday morning (Dec. 17), two thieves helped themselves to two large Christmas decorations -- Nutcrackers figures that weigh as much each as an 8-year-old kid -- and a package of Christmas gifts. It was all caught on the victim's home surveillance.

I'm sure many of you have experienced something getting stolen off your porch. I suppose it's overwhelmingly tempting to sleaze balls to screw over a stranger for possibly nothing except the chance to get caught and slapped with a felony. The last thing stolen off my porch was a box full of UPS return labels. I hope that was worth the black mark on your soul.

What if the package had been medicine? Cookies from grandma? Something somebody sacrificed for? You never know and taking that gamble makes you a complete jerk. Furthermore, home surveillance is getting much, much more common, cheaper and clearer.

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