We all like to think that when we are moved to give our contribution is doing the world some good. Or at least helping one person out of a tricky situation. Many of us have relied on the kindness of others to get through a rough patch. Like the guy a month ago who saw me at my wit's end at the grocery store and let me go in front of him. (Thanks again, guy - I can't remember why I was in such a hurry, but you saved the day.)

However, sometimes our good deeds don't go unpunished and it's understandably upsetting. Nobody likes being taken advantage of and some of the most charitable people aren't millionaires but actually giving up on a treat later to help a person out.

Panhandling is one of those issues that's difficult to navigate. You don't want to be heartless, but you don't want to fund an addiction or get ripped off either. It's happened to me before, and it apparently happened to local man Jacob Mendoza this past Saturday.

According to Mendoza, the man approached him at Orlando's recently and said his wife and child were stranded without gas. Mendoza says he gave him a $10 because he appeared sincere. Then, days later, Mendoza claims he ran into the same man in the parking lot at Planet Fitness and was told the same exact story. Mendoza confronted the man, who denied the accusation.

You can see the exchange in the video above, which was provided to us by Mendoza.

Here's how Mendoza described the incident on his Facebook page:

**Warning **Saturday me and Myra Briana Gonzales went to go eat out at orlandos and before we left this man pulled up beside us and told us his he wasn't from here and that his wife and kid were stranded somewhere with no gas . He looked very sincere to his story i looked in his eyes and could tell he needed help. So we gave him 10 and he offered to pay me with the hat he was wearing i told him it was fine i didnt need it. We drive off ironically tonight i came to work out at planet fitness this same truck pulls up on me and i hear him out only to find out that its the same man with same story. He did not recognize me because i was in my vehicle this time .he stood there and denied it was him but it is .he was asking me for money all over again if you see this man do not help him he's taking people's money . We never have a problem giving help where its needed but its these kind of people that ruin it for everyone else out here truly needing it. If you see him call the cops he is scamming everyone he comes across with his story of his wife and kid being stranded. He is in a White two door truck.

The chances of this grifter still trying to profit off of the good intentions of others is high, so be aware and don't give him your hard earned money.

If you would like to help out people in need this holiday, but want to be sure you aren't being taken advantage of, may I suggest The Lubbock Dream Center.

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