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Lubbock citizens are still cleaning up and complaining about the recent attack of tumbleweeds the city saw earlier this week when the winds picked up and blew the dried up terror-weeds into Lubbock.

While seen numerous times in westerns and on television, in the year 2023, tumbleweeds are still new to people who live in the city limits of Lubbock. One homeowner who claims to have lived in Lubbock for 14 years told KAMC she didn't know what to do about the un-welcomed guests that appeared in her yard.

“I don’t know what to do. Besides spending weeks of my own personal time dealing with what we don’t feel like it was supposed to be our problem,” Bridgett Turner, Frustrated Resident, said.

Turner said the stacks of Tumbleweeds blew into her yard from behind her.

“…And we are left with a huge issue of which we don’t know what to do. It would take us weeks; we don’t have what we need to haul them off. I really don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to pay a company to come in and take care of what, in my opinion is not our problem,” Turner said.

Though tumbleweeds and their movement are not normally tracked by the United States government, many of these tumbling weeds can be tracked back to our more rural areas where land owners allow the weed to be range-free until the weed is a certain age and it leaves the field in hope of landing in a yard of someone with an Etsy account that will make the weed into a West Texas Christmas tree, or a Chandelier.

Sadly, not all tumbleweeds are sold for thousands of dollars. Instead, they hit cars, smash into small dogs, and confuse citizens as to what they should do with them.

Fortunately, the City of Lubbock has set up four tumbleweed drop-off locations.

  • Southside: 1631 84th Street
  • Northside:  208 Municipal Drive 
  • South Milwaukee: 7308 Milwaukee Avenue
  • North Quaker: 4307 Adrian Street

One day, the citizens of Lubbock will sleep well knowing they are no longer under attack from the tumbleweeds. Until the next time it's really windy outside.

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