Statewide mandates issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott come to an end this week. Last week in Lubbock, the governor announced that beginning Wednesday, March 10th, all businesses can reopen at 100 percent capacity, and that the state's mask mandate will come to an end.

Even with the mask mandate coming to an end and with capacity at 100 percent, that doesn't mean we will see all businesses going to that model. Already some restaurants in Lubbock and across Texas have said they'll reopen at less than 100 percent capacity on Wednesday. And as far as masks go, many businesses will continue to ask customers to wear masks.

On Monday, the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce sent out a newsletter encouraging businesses to rally for a recovery, and to also continue protecting employees and customers.

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Eddie McBride, president and CEO of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, told businesses leaders in a press release that it was their job to encourage employers to practice mask wearing and social distancing:

Last week’s announcement is great for Texas businesses, but we want to continue to protect employees, customers and our entire community, so that together we can continue to reignite our economy. It’s our job as leaders in the business community to encourage employers to practice mask wearing and social distancing whenever possible. We know that Covid-19 is not over so we must continue to flatten the curve and keep our businesses open and operating.

McBride also said that Lubbock businesses should reach out to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce if they need COVID-19 testing kits.

The news release wraps up by stating that the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce "encourages businesses to continue practicing health precautions for anyone and everyone that walks through their door."

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