I have told many folks over time that Lubbock's streets are in serious need of some TLC. There are some major streets that feel more like dirt roads due to the lack of maintenance and, in some cases, plain old neglect.

But rejoice -- starting today (April 17) and for the next six weeks, various lane closures will take place on 50th street between Quaker and University (A path I travel often!) as part of the renovation project.

According to Everything Lubbock:

East and westbound traffic will be restricted to one or two lanes each direction during this project. The scope of this project is to replace the existing defaulted asphalt paving with new asphalt paving.

So maybe after all this is done, the fillings in my teeth will stay in my mouth instead of bouncing out.

Now, if we could only deal with University between The Loop and 98th Street.

What are some other streets in Lubbock that need some major love? Let us know in the comment section.


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