Tropical storms during the summer and early fall months of 2010 left many county roads in Lubbock severely damaged. Funds allotted to the county by FEMA at the time hardly made a dent in the cost of repair for these roads. However, now the agency has contacted the county saying the assessments could have been incorrect.

Lubbock County Commissioner Patti Jones explains in an interview at the courthouse this morning:

FEMA says the previous assessment was performed by inexperienced assessors. That's easy to believe after looking at the damage the county incurred last year. The county is looking at $4 million in road damages, with  FEMA originally only  providing $200,000 in aid. Commissioners are confident that with a reassessment, more funds will be allotted to the county. Hopefully it will be enough to at least slightly close that $3.8 million gap.

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