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National Spokesperson for the RNC, Liz Harrington, joined The Chad Hasty Show on Wednesday to discuss the 2020 Election and the battle shaping up between Republicans and Democrats on mail-in voting.

It was announced today that the Trump Campaign along with the RNC would sue the State of Nevada and its top elections official over a recently passed bill that the RNC says would automatically send ballots to registered voters and allow for vote harvesting according to Harrington.

Harrington questioned the motives by the Democrats saying that Nevada Democrats passed the bill over the weekend without any debate and that the bill would allow vote harvesters to go into nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Harrington told KFYO that the bill passed in Nevada has nothing to do with safety during the pandemic and instead is being used to rig the Presidential Election.

Harrington told KFYO that the Democrats are attempting to rig the 2020 Election in their favor while at the same time sow doubt in the minds of voters about the election.

Harrington also spoke about the RNC and Trump campaign's ground game for the 2020 Election and the fact that Republican volunteers are knocking on doors and continuing voter outreach. A recent article from POLITICO reported that Republicans are knocking on a million doors each week while the Biden campaign is not knocking on doors.

Listen to the full interview with Liz Harrington above.

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