Current Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst spoke with Chad Hasty on Wednesday's Chad Hasty Show regarding his campaign for re-election.

On the show, Dewhurst commented on the allegations that his campaign was involved in the release of mental health documents of Dan Patrick from the 1980s. Dewhurst said that Jerry Patterson, republican candidate for lieutenant governor, released the documents. He said that  he told Patterson not to do anything with the documents that would in any way hurt Dewhurst's campaign. Hasty asked if the issue should be a major concern for voters. Dewhurst said, "It's only relevant if people believe it speaks to my opponent's judgement and capacity to govern."

Dewhurst raised the concern that Dan Patrick is the only candidate in the race that has not released his federal income tax return. "Show us what kind of business man you are. Show us that you have financial integrity. Just tell the truth, Dan. Tell the truth." Dewhurst said in the interview.

When asked about what the main difference between himself and Dan Patrick, Dewhurst said that leadership is key. "You've got to have trust. . . I think that's critical to leadership." Dewhurst said. He says that he's running for re-election because he's a better candidate and has more integrity. "I have the most conservative, both fiscally and socially, record in the Texas senate." He says his work in the senate has proven his dedication to the position of Lieutenant Governor.

Regarding the issue raised in an interview with Dan Patrick earlier on the Chad Hasty Show, that Dewhurst has given over half of the democratic senators in the senate committee chairman positions. Dewhurst says that the only reason he has done so, is because of a senate's two third's rule that says twenty-one senators are required to pass a bill. He says he's tried to work with the more conservative democratic senators to help them pass bills and abide by the senate rules.

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