Working out is hard especially when you love dessert but one Lubbock business might just be the best of both worlds. Bueno Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu just celebrated their one year anniversary, on May 19, 2023, and seems to have a warm fun work out environment and also has a spot to purchase some healthy dessert alternatives.

From Brazil to Lubbock

In an interview Bueno states that he always loved the idea of having his own type of gym but only did Jiu-Jitsu as an extracurricular back when he was a teen in Brazil. He also trained under Professor Gustavo "Guto" Campos who has medals from different championships, including World Championship Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

Bueno was not always a Jiu-Jitsu instructor but instead started out as a lawyer and that career choice is what actually brought him to Lubbock. He did later decide to chase his dream of having his own gym which he co-owns with his wife, who is still a lawyer. Bueno did at one point give boxing a try for a year and trained with a few UFC fighters who are now big names in the industry.

The Treats!

The acai bowl portion of the business, Bom Brazil, has this clean feel to it that makes you feel like the place is brand new but its obvious that those working know exactly what they're doing. With help from his former student, DJ Shumaker, the Buenos were able to find a recipe for acai that is still natural without having to add anything to the base recipe.

Shumaker, who had a big part in the recipe, states that acai bowls were a way to get him away from the ice cream while he trained for Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. Aside from acai they also have mango and coconut sorbets that follow the same rules as the acai bowls but just sound tastier, especially during the summer. You can also indulge a bit and try some of their sweeter treats, like s'mores banana bread.

Why This Type of Workout?

This type of workout is a self defense grappling style workout and it actually focuses a lot on trust in yourself and in your partner. Yes, you will more than likely train with a partner but don't worry the instructors show you in detail what needs to be done and take the time to make sure you do it right. They do this with every training group from children to adults and very much care about the safety of the class along with self discipline.

It was also refreshing to see the instructors talk about what the students felt if they cried and didn't give negative feed back but instead validate those feelings. Everyone of any age range is encouraged to sign up for a free week of classes where they can see if it's good fit for them physically and mentally.

Aside from the training and spending all your money on the tasty acai there is a strong sense of community within the facility that I witnessed strangers coming in for classes and instantly becoming friends. Bueno states that all the Jiu Jitsu locations in Lubbock have the same sense of community even though they have different owners because it's that focus, confidence, and self discipline that brings them together.

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Try it!

More detailed information on classes and signing up for a free week can be found online on their main website, Facebook, and Instagram. If you sign up for a class or just decide to try the acai bowls from Bom Brazil let us know in the comments.

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