Carrying a gun into a sporting event or on a college campus is dangerous and should be avoided. Why? You can't be trusted. You are an average Texan. You aren't important and your safety really doesn't matter. If you are shot, it's not a big loss to the state. So please move along and live by the current laws.


That's the message some state lawmakers are sending this morning. On Tuesday, the Senate Criminal Justice Committee took steps to advance a bill from state Senator Dan Patrick (R-idiculous) that would allow legislators to carry concealed weapons everywhere. That includes places where you and I can not. This is from the Austin American Statesman:

...would allow legislators, statewide elected officials, some former legislators and some state employees to carry their concealed weapons in bars, churches and hospitals and at sporting events and other places they are currently prohibited — including businesses that post signs outside saying concealed handguns are prohibited.

Nice. You see, the Senate can't get together to pass a bill extending gun rights for us regular Texans (campus carry), but apparently they can all get on board a plan to pass a law for themselves that only benefit themselves.

Last time I wrote about this issue there were some great quotes that showed just how out of touch some lawmakers are. Don't worry, here are a couple of gems from Senator Patrick:

"This bill is really about logistics," he said. "We go from one place to another — maybe five or six places in one evening for functions and events — and we may be faced with either leaving (guns) in the car or taking them inside and violating the law. "This bill is just to solve that problem."


"The average person who has a CHL, his every move is not known," he said. "In today's environment, sadly, we're known, and our whereabouts are known."

Apparently Sen. Patrick only thinks lawmakers go to multiple places in one evening. He also must think that only they sometimes get confused about the law. By the way, if Senator Patrick gets confused at events about whether or not he can carry his gun, maybe he needs a new staff that can tell him.

Senator Patrick also believes that everyone tracks where he and other lawmakers go. He is wrong. We might know where Governor Perry is all the time, but the rest of them? No way. I've seen lawmakers out here in Lubbock, and the average person has no clue who they are. No one even knew that they would be there.

Hell, more people recognize Tommy Tuberville than Charles Perry or John Frullo.

I am for gun rights and for campus carry. However, I am 100% against this bill. Why? Because it puts certain people above others. If Sen. Dan Patrick is able to carry inside a bar, I should be able too as well. CHL holders as a whole are responsible, mature gun owners.

My safety, and yours is just as important as anyone we elect and send to Austin.

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