Tuesday on the evening edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Kevin Roberts, executive director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, joined the broadcast to talk about current events in Texas.

Roberts and Hasty discussed the announcement by Governor Abbott stating that there will be no government mandated COVID-19 vaccine "passports" in Texas, as well as election integrity, and the trend of large corporations and sports leagues meddling in policy, often using taxpayer dollars.

About Tuesday's announcement by Governor Abbott, Roberts said,

We don't always want to rest our hopes on executive orders because we know that that can be abused, but in this case it's excellent, and I think it addresses a significant worry that a lot of reasonable folks across the political spectrum have, which is that: Given government, local, state, federal government's desire to keep this pandemic shutdown going as long as they can for political gain, what are we going to do to prevent them from extending it unnecessarily...[The vaccine passport issue] is a real threat, and I just can't applaud Governor Abbott enough for making this decision for us today.

While talking about the need to hold corporations and sports leagues accountable for pushing social ideologies and policy agendas, often at the expense of the taxpayers, Roberts said,

I think we have to do that, and it's going to require something that's been in short supply in recent American history, and that's political courage. Political courage by our elected officials to stand strong when those attacks come, and political courage by [citizens]...We made the decision at the foundation today: We are no longer doing any business with American Airlines...If those kinds of decisions, if we make them as individuals...it makes it easier for our elected officials to withstand the onslaught...We're finally seeing with crystal clarity, the utter absence of principals that these Fortune 100 companies have. And I think it's time to stand up to them and tell them, "We're taking our business elsewhere."

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Listen to the entire interview with Kevin Roberts in the player above. 

More information about Roberts is available here.

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