On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Kent Hance, former District 19 Representative and Tech Tech Chancellor, joined the show to talk about politics and politicians, from both past and present days.

Hance shared his view on the current partisan political climate in the United States, and related stories about the leadership of President Ronald Reagan, with whom Hance worked with directly on many issues.

While talking about Reagan's historic budget and tax cuts and the leadership in negotiations that he provided to ensure the extensive cuts passed, Hance said, "It was a twenty five percent tax cut across the board. I mean that's one-fourth of your taxes. That was huge! Still the largest tax cut in the history of the world."

"Reagan was very successful, and of course he's my favorite president. I think he's the best, you know, one of the best of all time and the best during my lifetime." - Kent Hance

Hasty asked Hance whether or not he sees a person in the current field of presidential candidates that can match President Reagan and his legacy. Hance immediately replied, "No." Hasty pressed the question, with Hance saying, "Let me tell you, there's some great ones ... Reagan, I'll just tell you, he knew how to get things done."

Hance went on to talk more about the current political climate in the nation, including the quality of the Democratic candidates, saying, "No matter who you're for in the presidential race, our [Republican] candidates, our worst one in your opinion, is better than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders."  Hance continued,

And the big story of this election year that no one has covered to speak of, is that Bernie Sanders is a socialist, and he's running first or second in the Democratic primaries in every state.

Listen to the entire interview with Kent Hance in the video above.

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