I guess Joyland had a soft opening this past weekend.

It's awesome that Lubbock's theme park was able to kick off the year to some beautiful temperatures in the low 70s. Even better, there's a vibe in the air that things are just a little bit safer out there and it's okay to live life.

Joyland Amusement Park is located in Mackenzie Park and has been entertaining kids (and families) for 50 years now. The park has expanded to over 30 rides and it's a welcome sight to see the Daredevil Drop lit up at night when driving down the Interstate. Let's also not forget the legendary Music Express where former The RockShow member The Heathen got his start working a microphone.

Joyland is coming into 2022 hot with a new increased online sales portal and a designated window for folks who took care of business ahead of time. The park will be open this Saturday and Sunday from 2 - 7 p.m. before kicking things up to 2 - 8 p.m. next Wednesday through Sunday for Spring Break (March 16th-20th).

I would also recommend your teen spend a season working at Joyland. I was able to spend a season working at an amusement park and I have to tell you that it's an experience that they'll look back for a lifetime. Yes, it can be hard work, but walking into that amusement park vibe with the sights, sounds and smells is pretty gang awesome.

You can find out everything else you need to know about Joyland right here. Go have some JOY, man!

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