The rumor mill is going at 1,000 miles an hour, and the question on everyone's mind these days seems to be: "Is Bart Reagor getting enough to eat in jail?"

The second most asked question is: "So, is Wes Nessman actually buying Joyland or what?"

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As an acquaintance and colleague, I can assure you that if Wes is buying the former Joyland property, I'd better damn well get free tickets. But has this happened yet? There are lots of questions, and even some in the local media are beginning to wonder if this is a reality. After all, our intrepid gatekeeper of inappropriate humor has shown he has the acumen to make a theme park work with Nightmare On 19th Street, so what would stop him from making this expansion?

I dunno, maybe the fact that his day job is in RADIO? The average salary of those of us in the business of show is just south of what the average 4 year old making sneakers in North Korea is pulling down a year, so that could be a stumbling block.

But, once a juicy rumor starts, it's difficult to stop. Like the one about me coming in second place at a Mr. Olympia contest...yeah, right (I was actually 3rd). That means, that it's time to play America's Favorite Game:


We have thoughts.

Questionable Ideas for Wes Nessman's New Joyland

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. We can only hope that Wes does the right thing and makes Lubbock proud.

Now, shut up and take his money!

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