Monday on KFYO Mornings, Congressman Jodey Arrington called Matt Martin and Rob Snyder from Washington D.C. to discuss many topics including the very recent shooting in Las Vegas, federal tax reform, Puerto Rico, and upcoming bills.

Arrington started of the interview showing his sorrow for the Las Vegas shooting that had taken place just hours prior. "You can't even fathom some crazy person doing that. God bless those families and victims. My heart goes out for them."

The congressman then discussed the plans for the federal tax reform proposed by president Trump. Arrington had said,

"We have to get this economy growing. We have to get more money into the pockets of our middle and working class people and our families, and give an incentive for small, medium, and large businesses alike to invest, grow, and create jobs."

The congressman heavily stressed the idea of cutting taxes for everyone, but especially the middle and working class citizens. He also had stressed the desire to simplify taxes, the the point where, "9/10 Americans can fill out their taxes on a post card." He hopes to see moves on federal tax reform in the next few weeks, and expects to see results by the end of the year.

Congressman Arrington also discussed the recent events in Puerto Rico, saying that they need to handle their own financial situation for the time being, and that the US can not completely bail them out, due to the bad precedent it would set.

The congressman closed with some upcoming bills that he had worked on and will be voted on this week, including bills for veterans.

Listen to the full interview with congressman Jodey Arrington in the video above.

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