Thursday on KFYO Mornings the Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Dave King and Matt Martin to talk about his test drive of the week in the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400, as well as some new articles that can be found on his website.

Jerry started his review of this all red sports car by saying that it performs very well, and has a very luxurious interior. The car has 400 horses, 20 inch wheels, and is priced at just over $60,000. He also mentioned that despite its 400 horses, you can hardly hear any exhaust sounds on the interior. "This car is just whisper quiet on the inside," Jerry said. He went on to say that this car is much smaller than the giant of a car he reviewed the previous week.

Jerry also mentioned several articles on his website, such as a new entry from his True Stories From an Auto Dealer series, auto sales numbers from February, and a cautionary article about the rise of auto thieves as part costs go up. Jerry warns that as parts have gone up in price, thieves who steal cars and strip them down for their parts have become more common.  "It's almost like they're filling orders," Jerry warns. He also says that even old cars are targets for these attacks because their parts might not be made anymore.

You can read these articles and more at and watch the full interview in the video above.

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