Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Mayor Pro Tem and Lubbock City Councilman Jeff Griffith joined Matt and Dave to talk about the city reopening, Citizens Tower, impact fees, H.E.B. in Lubbock, the tax rate, the 100 Black Men march, the Cares Act, and more.

Griffith started the discussion by talking about Lubbock slowly reopening in the midst of the virus. Jeff said, "If we do smart, good things, and be respectful, I believe that we can continue to open up, and do business, and try and get back to normal." He was also asked about Citizens Tower opening up. Griffith explained that 500 employees have moved in, and that LP&L is the only group that still needs to move in. He went on to say that all the comments he has heard have been fantastic, with employees and citizens alike seeming to love it. Despite this, he says that there will always be hiccups when you try to move into a 190,000 square foot building.

The Councilman also talked about impact fees and the effective tax rate. Griffith explained that they are going to start looking at the tax rate next month, but there have already been discussions about ways to keep it low. When asked if its possible they would be raised, Griffith said that they do not plan on raising taxes, and that he does not even see it as an option. He was also asked if the city council, in any way, would have any sort of lowering of the funding for the police department, to which he strongly stated, "Absolutely not. Not even a question...It's not even a topic in my opinion."


Watch the full interview with Lubbock City Councilman Jeff Griffith in the video above.

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