On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, U.S. Representative District 19 candidate Jason Corley joined the broadcast from the KFYO studio to talk about his campaign and issues facing both West Texas and the nation.

Corley and Hasty discussed the general direction in which the U.S. is traveling, as well as agriculture and subsidies, border security and immigration, Republican leadership, and Planned Parenthood.

Asked why he has decided to enter the race for the seat being vacated by Randy Neugebauer, Corley said, "I'm trying to raise children in this future that we're making right now, and every which way I look our government's doing something that doesn't work in their favor." Corley explained, "We need somebody that's just one of us to get up there and run, a regular person. That's why I'm asking everybody to quit voting for the men in suits and start voting for the man in steel-toed boots." Corley then summed up the state of the nation saying,

We're watching our country being dragged as far to the left as it can possibly go. How long until it breaks? It's time we start pulling things back to the right.

Speaking of the lack of leadership and good negotiations which has led agriculture producers to lean on government subsidies, Corley said, "We need to go back to our trade deals. If we could get ourselves onto a fair playing field with other countries, we wouldn't have had all these subsidies, we wouldn't need all these subsidies."

Listen to the entire interview with Jason Corley in the video above.

More information is available on Corley’s campaign website.

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