Jace Jung's incredible on-base streak that nobody was really talking about has come to an end.

Since February 23rd of 2020, Texas Tech's Jace Jung has reached base at least once in every single game he's started. Now, there are pinch-hit opportunities and what-not that break the streak, but just strictly talking games he's started in you have to go back 59 games to a contest against the Houston Cougars to find a game where Jace Jung didn't reach base.

Until today.

What makes it even more incredible is that before that Houston game, Jung had reached base in every game of his collegiate career. This means he's been on base in every single game he's started except for that February 23rd game last season against Houston and the elimination game in the Big 12 Championship against Kansas State.

Not just on-base either, Jung's got either a hit or a walk in 65 of his 67 starts as a Red Raider.

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As for the Texas Tech baseball team, they opened the week with a win over Baylor, before striking out against both TCU and Kansas State in a flurry of bad baseball. The Horned Frogs beat Texas Tech first by a score of 7-2. Then Texas Tech stayed on the field and had to play Kansas State who also beat the Red Raiders 7-2.

There are two schools of thought moving forward.

Either TCU jumps Texas Tech in NCAA tournament seeding because of the Big 12 Championship performance, or Texas Tech had already locked in their seed and it didn't matter too much to go 1-2 in Oklahoma City.

My personal opinion is that if Texas Tech was a National Seed on Monday afternoon, then they should still be a National Seed today. If TCU goes on to win the Big 12 tournament, I think they should also be a National Seed. At that point, I guess Texas Tech gets bumped because the committee doesn't think the Big 12 deserves three of the top eight seeds.

Doesn't make much sense, but in the participation trophy era I think the committee doesn't want to give all eight National Seeds to the SEC and Big 12. The ACC and Pac 12 need some love too.

My prediction for the National Seeds are as follows in no particular order, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Texas, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Arizona, Texas Tech, and Mississippi State.

Yes, Miss St., went 0-2 in the SEC tournament. It's my brand that conference tourney's don't matter and I'm sticking to that brand.

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