We know there are a lot of different kinds of vending machines out there but this one really shocked me.

A company has installed computerized vending machines to sell ammunition in grocery stores in Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas, allowing patrons to pick up bullets along with a gallon of milk.

Lowe’s Market in Canyon Lake, Texas now sells bullets between its ATM and ice machines.

It is an American Rounds ammunition vending machine and is is right at the entrance of the store.

All you have to have is your driver’s license and you can now purchase ammo for handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

On its website American Rounds, which manufactures the new vending machines, said its automated ammo dispensers use built-in artificial intelligence software, card capability and facial recognition software to verify each buyer’s age and identity.

CEO Grant Magers said grocery stores and others approached the Texas-based company, which began in 2023, about the idea of selling ammunition through automated technology. The company has one machine in Alabama, four in Oklahoma and one in Texas, with plans for another in Texas and one in Colorado in the coming weeks, he said.

Federal law requires a person to be 18 to buy shotgun and rifle ammunition and 21 to buy handgun ammunition. Magers said their machines require a purchaser to be at least 21.

Various stores in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas have installed ammo-vending machines that use 360-degree facial recognition to check a person's age and ID.

Lowe’s expects to add another vending machine at its Startzville/Canyon Lake location in the near future.

The machine will be located in the store’s hardware section.

I did reach out to the Lowe's in Lubbock and they said they will not be getting one.

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