Last night was a great night for Texas Tech fans. Not only did we beat TCU 35 to 28, but we all had a good laugh together at a surprise visitor making its way onto the field.

Towards the end of the first quarter, a furry friend made its way onto the turf, and appeared to be having a blast as it ran the field. This friend wasn’t what you’d expect either.

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No, it wasn’t a stray cat or a dog like you might first think of when hearing the term ‘furry friend’. It was actually a wild opossum.

Fans were cheering for the opossum, telling it to ‘keep running’ and ‘run free’, but the staff at the game had another plan. Of course, they couldn’t let the animal continue to roam the field during the rest of the game, so they caught the little guy and dragged him off the field.


According to the Avalanche Journal, Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec even gave it a little pet off-field.

Since Tech proceeded to win the game after the opossum’s appearance, many fans are viewing the critter as a good luck charm. Because of this, we are hoping the little guy was simply set free to roam another day.

I wonder how long it will take for opossum perch to start circulating among Texas Tech fanatics. We all know how quick to react our fans can be, take the cactuses of last year as a great example.

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