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Southwest Airlines has unveiled two upgrades to their fleet of planes that customers have wanted for years, and no this has nothing to do with more leg room or wider seats.

On Tuesday night a 737 Southwest Airlines plane will fly from Dallas to Las Vegas and it will be the first Southwest plane that has been upgraded with power ports.

That's right, power ports are finally coming to Southwest Airlines more than a year after announcing that the changes were coming. So many other airlines already have power ports so it's nice that Southwest is finally getting the power to the people. Existing 737's are being retrofitted with the new charging ports according to WFAA. Meanwhile, new planes beginning next month will already have the power ports built into the seats.

Each seatback on this aircraft has both a USB-A (the standard size USB) and USB-C (the mini one) connectors allowing passengers to charge their mobile phones and simultaneously power a tablet or laptop.

Laptops require a USB-C to USB-C connector to plug into the seat-back and into the computer.

"The ability to keep your devices charged while you are connected inflight is a request that we've heard consistently in ongoing conversations with our customers," said Tony Roach, Vice President of Customer Experience and Customer Relations in a statement.

Beginning this month, Southwest will start retrofitting its existing fleet to add the power ports to all seat backs.

But that isn't the only change coming to Southwest airlines flights. Southwest is also installing new overhead bins in order to fit more carry-on luggage than they currently can fit on the plane. We've all seen cases where the C boarding group may not always have overhead bin space left for everyone. The new overhead bins are supposed to fix that problem according to WFAA.

The changes won't mean that people will stop getting angry on flights or that they will be more comfortable, but at least things will be a little more convenient, and that helps.

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