If you live in Texas and often take flights to other parts of the country, then you are likely familiar with the DFW airport. It is a major hub that you either fly directly out of, or you connect through there from a smaller Texas airport.

It is a rather large airport with five terminals, over 170 gates, and around 1,800 flights per day.

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If you are every stuck there for a long layover, then you will likely kill time by wandering around the terminals and checking out the different shops, restaurants, bars, and more. As you walk from gate to gate, there are a variety of vending machines available to grab a drink or a quick snack like chips, crackers, or a granola bar.

These classic vending machines are the most prevalent with large Coca-Cola branding surrounding them, making them easy to spot.

What other vending machine do they have?

If you look a little closer, you will spot a variety of other vending machines that are much more unique.

The first one that really stood out to me the last time I was at this airport was a vending machine with fresh food in it. It had a variety of fresh meals including salads, noodle dishes, and more.

The next unique food vending machine caught my eye with its bold colors and unique packaging. This was a large machine that had a variety of items in it including licorice, caramel, taffy, and pretzels.

Check out this video of one of the vending machines in action:

There were also a variety of vending machines with different electronics, especially headphones. Lastly, there was a machine that dispensed a variety of hot coffee drinks.

So, next time you are at the DFW airport, keep an eye out for these machines.

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