A wedding is often the most expensive events that people experience in their life.

While it can be done with a conservative budget, the average Texas bride spends around $30,000 on their wedding. From the venue to the catering, even the dress and photography, often end up costing thousands, and that is before you consider the smaller details.

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We often fixate on those big budget items because they appear to have the most influence over the budget. While they are definitely some of the most important parts of any wedding, it is the small things that tend to go under the radar that often rack up way more money than you think.

This is why it is so important to include every little detail in your budget. This ensures that you aren’t left without an important detail, or scrounging up any money you can to make your wedding turn out how you wanted.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I looked through a variety of wedding Facebook groups to find out what things many brides seemed to be forgetting in their budget for their big day.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Nails
  • Jewlery
  • Shoes
  • Drink Garnishes
  • Dinnerware (utensils, plates, napkins, cups, etc.)
  • Undergarments

Those are just a few things that could be added to this list.

Overall, be sure to set an appropriate budget, write out all of the little things you want or need, and go from there. For example, if you realize monogrammed napkins don’t fit your budget, then opt for a less expensive option. Or, if you realize you have more room in your budget than you expected, you can add some more fun little details.

Happy wedding planning!

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