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It’s Columbus Day.
The actual day he did the thing, not the day we try to take OFF from work.
There are NO indigenous people.
Unless we're standing in North/Northeast Africa, nope. Nobody.
Not in the Americas.
Today, I celebrate the revelation of a “new world” brought on by explorers with more balls and vision than the past three generations combined.
BTW: Columbus was an Italian hired out by the Spanish government to explore not some military tyrant hell-bent on genocide. Motivation matters, people.
It’s funny but also incredibly stupefying to watch the Left vilify a foreigner coming here while praising open borders. To watch the Left celebrate an invasion of illegals and/or enemies causing immeasurable harm while blaming Columbus for all the ills of a country that he had nothing to do with founding or colonizing. To watch the Left list all of Columbus’ “sins” while preaching about everyone else “living their truth”.Watching the Left hate upon Columbus’ disregard for a people, their laws, customs, cultures and traditions during their protests against him while, at the same time, praising hordes of illegals who do the very same things and worse!The best is: watching the Left simultaneously blame Columbus for everything and denying he had anything to do with America. Well? Which is it? Did Columbus ruin everything that was America OR did he have nothing to do with America at all? The Left says both. Idiots.

The FACTS are: Columbus lived in a very different time where everything he did was not only acceptable practice but common. He was not the first nor the last. He didn’t bring slaves to America. He did not colonize America, nor did Spain, nor Italy.
All this “rage, contempt and indignation” is meaningless.
I celebrate discovery.
They celebrate hate with no regrets, no exceptions, no mercy.
On the other hand, we owe the whole world our gratitude for all of the diverse peoples who made America great. Columbus is one small, but crucially important piece in that journey. He put this all on the map.
They say America was never great and seek to destroy it - as seen by the desecration and removal of any one or any thing that celebrates the American journey. They are ungrateful and intolerant; no love left at all after loving their prideful selves.
It truly is a "new world".

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