It is always good to have a hobby, especially one that keeps you active. Lubbock has no shortage of options, including a certain sport that is very trendy as of late.

Originally viewed as more of a sport for older folks, Pickleball is apparently all the rage now, gaining many more players of all ages. The sport is like a combination of Tennis and Ping Pong, it is slower moving than the larger racket sport and at a slightly smaller scale.

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I’ve never played it, but I've seen videos of others playing and it look quite fun. You can play singles or doubles, and it looks relatively simple to learn.

If you are interested in trying, there is a facility in Lubbock specifically dedicated to pickleball.

It is appropriately called Lubbock Indoor Pickleball and it is Lubbock’s only dedicated indoor pickleball facility. They have 5 full-size courts and two ‘skinny’ courts (for singles play). The facility is fully heated and air conditioned so you can play any time of year, no matter the weather.

They recently opened and offer a variety of membership options depending on how often you want to play. They also offer one-time court rentals for visitors and even event rentals if you want to host a bigger event with friends and family.

So, if you’ve been wanting to try pickleball, this seems like a good way to do so in an indoor space with a whole community to potentially learn with.

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