Everyone knows that groundhogs usually tell the United States if there will be a longer or shorter winter with some variants around other states but one particular plant might also a sign of the changing seasons.

Seeing Green

Texas is known for its vast skies, Tex Mex, and of course cowboys but also there are some things that scream Lone Star state. This includes longhorns, blue bonnets, and of course the state tree of Texas the pecan. The pecan tree is a beautiful tree that has beautiful green leaves during the spring and summer months but then seems like it belongs in a graveyard when it loses its leaves later.

Fortune Teller

While the official start of spring is March 19th that doesn't mean the state of Texas isn't due for a frost to hit. While we don't want that because of the multiple crops and hate for cold it seems the pecan tree knows more than meets the eye. The pecan tree is said to start blooming when there is no potential for any more freezing weather to hit so that they can blossom successfully. This old wives tale might be just a myth but it seems that there might be some truth to these beliefs.


Pecans are actually not fortune tellers of weather but actually just it depends on the winter and how many actual cold days there are. This is because UGA.edu states the more chill days a pecan tree goes through the less warmer days it takes to bring it out of slumber. This means that the longer the trees are exposed to warmer temperatures the more likely they are to bud and grow leaves.

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