Lubbock has many different people and with that comes many different foods but one local restaurant is asking it's customers once a month if they're brave enough for a hot challenge. Make that a hot wing challenge.


Wing Shack is home to one of the hottest food challenges in all of the Hub City, and maybe even West Texas. The 'Hotter Than Hell Wing Challenge' is held once a month usually at Lubbock's Wing Shack and is a lot tougher than what you think. All you have to do is wait for the Wing Shack and Tap House to post to social media when they are going to have the challenge and show up.


Showing up when the challenge day is announced is the easy part because once you enter the restaurant customers have to sign a waiver and then the cooking begins. The rules are simple though for those curious. You have 12 minutes to eat 12 hot wings, you get no drinks, no napkins, and have to stay seated at the table. If you finish all 12 wings in the time given then you have to lick off all the sauce from your fingers and sit there. Sounds easy enough so I decided to give it a try.


I decided to give the challenge a try and I can for sure say it was hell, or maybe I'm just weak. Wing Shack brought out the 12 wings they got ready in their super secret hot sauce for the challenge and instantly could smell it from one table away. After the rules were explained and the timer was readied my fellow competitor and myself were give the go ahead to start.


That first bite was lava to my weak mouth but I kept chewing because Wing Shack just got a WWE style belt for those that win and I love to show off my wins. The second bite was harder than the first because this is where we separated the boys from the men and I instantly began crying. I could feel the heat coursing through my mouth and into my ear canals, it was epic, and then I went onto the second wing. This second wing gave me an out of body experience and let me see my life flash before my eyes.


I was not able to finish the wing challenge and stopped at 2 wings because I am a big baby but doubt anyone else could do more. I would love for Wing Shack to add some lime juice and garlic to the wing recipe so there is more burn and flavor. I am such a weakling when it comes to spice and challenge anyone who thinks they can handle the heat to try the challenge. There is also footage of my attempt to win the challenge on the Wing Shack and Tap House Facebook.

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