Mantras and philosophies on Life.
Phrases, words and ideas that I toss out there while doing the show - what do they mean?

It was suggested I write out a "McDermott 101" manual for the listeners of the daily McDermott At-Large show after someone noticed I may be around for a bit yet.

Sure .. why not? Here goes: the first thing I always start out with in explaining the method to my madness is that I "own it" = I know me and I am who I am. I don't fake it and I hate lies, so where does that leave me? No other choice but to simply accept it all .. "Own it".

In short, it means no excuses for being who and what you are. The world is full of advertising; personal & professional .. you can’t really trust any of it. At least: you shouldn’t. Afterall: who are they? Doesn’t matter. Who are YOU .. does.

You can lie & deceive the world most of the time, but not yourself.  Sure - you can try to live in denial but ultimately it doesn’t end well. The little voice in your head never sleeps; never leaves you alone. That voice tells the truth 24/7.

Once you accept who/what you are, life actually gets much simpler. You no longer have to conform .. no longer have to try to appease nor please everyone. NOTE: I said “simpler” NOT “easier”.

Duplicity is hard. Imagine people started loving the FAKE you .. you’re then screwed. You cannot keep that up. It's the Number One complaint from Celebs! They hate always having to be "on"; pretty, handsome, funny, nice, popular, funny and so on. They just wanna "be". And there's nothing simpler than just that.

If they hate the real you? Fine. At least you know who your friends & enemies are. What a gift that is! All that wondering and guessing? Gone.

We live in a world where people cannot accept so many truths and so they have enthusiastically embraced this smaller, intimate “personal & emotional truths” noise.
Somehow, the few have been able to force the many to cater to this nonsense.

Signage that declared: “You must be THIS big to ride this ride ..” used to be okay, but no longer. It literally only survives in amusement parks because of liability lawsuits, The rest of the world has gone "all in" on giving the one self-perceived "victim" free rein over the rest of us. Nope. These people need to just own who they are.

Lazy? Motivated? Positive? Negative? Introvert or extrovert? Smart or dumb? Own it. Do what you can about those characteristics you don't like and just own the rest. Why sweat things you can do nothing about? Why care what anyone else thinks of such things, too? They cannot change them either.

Imagine everyone simply OWNING who they really are. You’re fat, tall, skinny, short, black, white etc .. and none of it matters. Not when you start with the first moment of every day: who’s in control? Who’s stopping you in that moment? Who is pushing you?

The Left pushes back against ideas like these that I have because there is SO much to gain by blaming others and claiming Victimhood. There are examples of Success I could throw up for every example of Failure they bring up and thus this modern debate of privilege is bogus. Anyone who thinks anyone can be above any other is a fool. No one may boast. Not one. We all agree: "Nobody's perfect".

We make our own choices. What is perceived as the world putting something on us unfairly, is actually just our own selfish, petulant reaction to things not going our way.

We’re upset, frustrated and disappointed. But life is NOT fair. Never will be. Get pumped up, energized & excited about your tomorrows by owning them. After all, it's your life, your bus, your path.

Who’s driving your bus?

That’s one for tomorrow (Tuesday 9.26).



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