There are quite a few new online scams circulating in the Lubbock area, especially on local garage sale pages and lost and found pet pages. It's really important to take a closer look at someone's Facebook page before you interact with them, especially if they are asking you for money or personal information.

The newest scam is pretty mean, and this is how it works:

If you've got a missing pet, the scammer will message you and tell you they've found your animal. Of course, you'll be excited to hear that someone found your beloved pet. You'll message them back to arrange a meeting to pick up your animal, and that's when they ask you to send them money for gas to bring it to you.

Do not do this! It's a scam. They don't have your pet. They just want your cash.

The best way to prevent something like this from happening is to look closely at their Facebook page. Is it a new page with hardly any friends? Does it even say they live in the local area? Most of the time, these scammers have a brand new page, zero friends in common with you, and are located in another country or somewhere far away.

The same scams have been known to happen on local garage sale pages as well. Use extra caution and don't get taken advantage of. It might be easier for the younger and more tech-savvy generation to realize these are scams, and more difficult for your grandparents. Be sure to share this information with them.

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