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This is the last weekend of the Broadway production of Disney's "The Lion King" in Lubbock! The fantastic two week run ends on Sunday, October 15th; Final Show at 630pm. There are five shows between Friday night (8pm) and then; seats are still available unbelievably!

I highly recommend this production. It's no wonder that it holds so much appeal for all ages due to the absolute spectacle of colorful puppetry, stage sets in motion and incredible sounds penned by none other than Elton John and Tim Rice. Seriously? SIX Tony Awards including Best Musical!

I'm not a "musical" aficionado, by any stretch, but I know quality. This is the perfect "introduction" to: Broadway, the theater, dynamic sound, emotional lighting, stage production, dance, and general artistry. It isn't complicated but it is vast and deep.

The costuming alone is inventive and evolutionary. I had the pleasure of interviewing Drew Hirshfield (Zazu) and to hear how the cast merged the puppets and actors into being seen/unseen at the same time. It cannot really be described - it has to be seen. It truly is a "new level of artistry".

I'll say it again: I'm not "that guy". I have a music collection. I like concerts. I'm good. Done. But somewhere between the customer service, the comfort, the "no bad seats", and stellar acoustics of Lubbock's Buddy Holly Hall, I'm willing to experience anything there. Nevermind that "The Lion King" can stand alone, but this is like a perfect marriage, because I've seen great shows in bad venues. This is NOT that. Not even close!

The show literally moves quickly with almost constantly moving sets, props and cast all over the stage. It's a color-filled everywhere herd of talent with sounds that emote versus providing strict interpretation; you "get it" nonetheless. You'd think it'd be "too much" but it isn't. It's all very complementary to the main idea Center Stage.

It's immersive on almost every level you can imagine, too. The characters are in and around the audience at various times. There are birds and a ridiculous elephant to be seen to be believed. Giraffes, hyenas and a stampede; swaying grasses and epic sunrises. Constellations by nightfall and some very cool "stellar" magic towards the end.

It's unlikely that you may ever get to see the Serengeti first-hand, but this is the best, safest, alternative hands down. Go .. you'll feel the love and your kids will thank you for the rest of their lives.

Hakuna Matata, indeed as tickets are still available as of this posting.

- McDermott

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