Yes, "the possum" is officially a thing.

It's been an eventful few years for Texas Tech when it comes to symbols. It wasn't that long ago everybody was enamored with pumpjacks. The pumpjacks seemed to fade after one bowl game then a bad quote led to everyone developing a love for cacti. In the stands, everybody gave a big "What the f..." to the fact that the players were carrying a tire around, and then magic happened when a stray possum bum-rushed the football field.

The possum was a bit surprising to city folk who I guess thought they hid out in the woods or something, so the possum got tons of airtime. Quickly, the "rally-possum" has become a thing. Since that possum was released back into it's natural habitat (near some garbage?) the best we can do is artwork and other totems to celebrate its glorious onfield run.

Lubbock Animal Shelter
Lubbock Animal Shelter

Now the people at the National Bobblehead Hall Of Fame are doing a run of Texas Tech Rally Possum Bobbleheads. Here's a quote from their press release:

"We are excited to release this unique bobblehead to recognize the Rally Possum who helped propel the Texas Tech football team to victory over TCU in the 2023 West Texas Championship,” National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar said. “The football-loving possum played a small and memorable role as the Red Raiders reclaimed the Saddle Trophy for the first time since 2018. Texas Tech fans are sure to want this must-have bobblehead for their collection.”

The bobbleheads will be a limited of 2,023 (marking the year). They will be available for $35 bucks plus $8 shipping charge at the National Bobblehead Hall Of Fame's store.

(This story will be updated with a picture of the actual bobblehead model when it is released).

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