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Texas State Representative Carl Tepper has filed legislation that would ban affirmative action in hiring for government jobs and for admissions in higher education. Tepper filed House Bill 3682 on Wednesday.

Tepper pointed to nine other states that have banned affirmative action in a press release detailing the bill. Those states include Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona, Idaho, New Hampshire, Washington, Nebraska, Michigan, and California.

Tepper has been one of the leading voices on doing away with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices in higher education and has filed legislation against the use of DEI offices. In seeking to ban affirmative action, Tepper is calling for colleges and workplaces not to judge people by the color of their skin. In a press release, Tepper spoke out against affirmative action use in admissions and hiring.

House Bill 3682 prohibits public universities and governmental agencies, including cities and counties, from considering an individual’s race, color, or any other inherent classification as a factor in making an admissions or employment decision. Representative Tepper stated, “In Texas, we succeed based on our talents, ability, and work ethic. Affirmative action discriminates against individuals based on race or other intrinsic characteristics. It’s time for these racist practices to end in public universities and governmental entities.”

KFYO will keep you up to date with this and other legislation filed by lawmakers during the 88th Texas legislative Session.

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