Just in time for Spring Costco has released their annual mini carrot cakes but what's the big deal? According to news outlets the bite size mini carrot cakes are so popular that they seem to just hop off the shelves just right around Easter.

Obviously I had to go to Costco to give these magnificent sounding treats a try so I signed up for a membership and made my way over to find those legendary treats. I was met with a big surprise when I didn't find miniature packs of 16 mini cakes like I had head about but packs of 6 "mini" cakes. I use the word mini loosely because they were stated to be bite size when in fact they're about three mouthfuls of cake.

I did ask around to see if those were the only mini carrot cakes they had and a Costco employee did confirm that those were the famous treats. I immediately threw them in my buggy and tried it immediately in the car. That first bite I could feel my pupils dilate, maybe from the icing, but the cake was so soft and it almost had a sort of filling in it. The cake also contained raisins which added some natural sweetness to the carrots in the cake but were not unnecessary like in an oatmeal raisin cookie.

These humongous mini cakes were very big and came in a pack of six for $9.99 but there was one downside. I am not sure if it's because I am almost 30 but I did have to scrape off the icing as it was just a little bit too much with that cream cheese icing and decorate carrot shaped icing.

These big mini cakes were well worth $10 and could be split in half and shared, if you are into sharing desserts. I do recommend a glass of milk or cup of coffee to wash these yummy Spring treats down while they are still on shelves.

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