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Imagine spending a beautiful day at the beach. Your spending time on the beach and all of a sudden a doll washes up on the beach next to you. Now imagine this doll has spent a lot of time at sea and now it's creepy looking and possibly missing an arm and strange things are growing on it.

That's exactly what is happening along a 40 mile stretch of beaches in Texas. According to the Dallas Morning News, for years creepy dolls with parts missing, tattered clothes an matted hair have been washing up. Some have barnacles growing on them others are covered in "sticky little crustaceans related to crabs.

The dolls are just some of what researchers and volunteers with the Mission-Aransas Reserve find each week according to the Dallas Morning News.

For years, these creepy dolls have washed up on a 40-mile stretch of Texas’ gulf shore, extending from North Padre Island to Matagorda Island.

“We never know what we’ll find here,” said Jace Tunnell, director of the Mission-Aransas Reserve at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. “I’m surprised every week.”

Researchers from the institute comb the beaches weekly for sealife and endangered birds, but they also find debris — and not only dolls. They have discovered old toothbrushes, volleyballs, a mannequin leg, a metal toolbox, a plastic bowling ball, canisters of cigarettes, and yes, even messages tucked inside bottles.

Texas’ coast is home to roughly 10 times the amount of trash found on other Gulf of Mexico beaches like Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, Tunnel said. That’s because a “loop current,” extends from the Yucatan Peninsula to Florida, pushing debris toward Texas.

According to the report, no one really knows where the dolls come from. Just that they are all different. In 2020, a sex doll, well the head of a sex doll was found on the beach. Someone bought it for $35 dollars. Other dolls have shown up decapitated or with clothes eaten on by turtles.

The good news? The dolls will soon go to a good cause. The reserve has been planning to auction off the creepy dolls at a fundraiser.

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