It's like Mothra and Godzilla fused into one being, then sold discount cleaning products and birthday cards!

An eagle-eyed traveler spotted the above coupling of a Family Dollar and Dollar Tree in the small coastal Texas community of Odem, Texas, which isn't far from the wastewater-infused beaches of Corpus Christi.

To the untrained eye it would appear that these are enemies who have chosen to lay down their weapons and stop all this fussin' and feudin' for the common goal of selling as much Fabuloso as possible. Well, it turns out it's just a good old-fashioned corporate takeover.

Back in 2015, Dollar Tree made Family Dollar it's beyotch and bought their competitor for a price that was slightly higher than a dollar. For quite a while, it appeared that they were continuing to run the two brands independently of one another, but that ship appears to have sailed.

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So far we haven't seen a conjoined Family Dollar Tree location in the Hub City, but then again, I really haven't looked. I mean, I'm admittedly kind of phoning it in on this one, can't you tell?

The question I now have is what does this mean for everyone's other favorite discount dollar store, Dollar General?

Image: Google Streetview
Google Maps

Doesn't it seem like they're kind of being left out of this coupling frenzy? Maybe they can have a threesome with Family Dollar and Dollar Tree and create a Dollar General Family Tree? Or Tree General Dollar Family?

I'm sorry, but I have a head cold and the Sudafed is REALLY kicking in. I might be hallucinating over here.

Besides, it's not like Dollar General is having any issues with expansion as we can see below.

It's science.

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