This morning on the Chad Hasty Show with Matt Martin, we received a text about traffic police. I do not remember the exact text, but the way I understood it is that police officers that make traffic stops could be the reason Lubbock’s crime is so high. The reasoning behind it is if they were answering calls or patrolling neighborhoods instead then they would be able to stop crime. I have been thinking about it, and my belief is that Lubbock traffic police help to stop crimes before they start. 

I am like everyone else. I hate the thought of seeing red and blue lights in my rearview mirror. It is not because I should not be stopped, it is because I am breaking the speed limit and know that they have a right to stop me. Traffic has become a problem in Lubbock. According to KCBD, at 2:30 am last Sunday, a driver drove on the wrong side of the road for four miles before he wrecked and killed himself. Luckily, it was a single car crash, and he did not hurt anyone else. I can’t help but think that if a traffic police officer would have seen him then he could have been stopped before the accident. This is not the only story, just the latest one. 

I am also an avid watcher of crime tv shows. If you get the chance, watch some “Live PD,” even though A&E cancelled it. You will see that many times drugs, weapons, and drunk drivers are found by traffic police. These are problems that were stopped before they could get worse and hurt innocent people.  

Lubbock needs more police, but that is a problem that the whole country has right now. Between the early retirement of police, defunding the police in some areas, to the issues with BLM, it is now harder to get someone who is willing to apply to be an officer. Lubbock is growing at an alarming rate and with that growth comes crime. We also have a huge problem with drugs as a “hub” city. We need to stand behind the traffic police and thank them for their service. It is a hard job, and no one is happy when they get pulled over, but I am glad they are there. 

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