Let's face it, you've gone over to a friends house or get-together and their driveway is filled by the time you get there. You do the slow, creepy drive-by as you survey where you can park nearby that won't get you in trouble.

Well, the next time this happens, just remember these points regarding street parking in Texas.

Is it legal to park in front of someone's house in Texas?

Yes! You will NOT be threatened under law if you decide to park your car on the side of a public road in front of someone's house... as long as you avoid the following:

  • Parking longer than 24 hours
    • After 24 hours, the homeowner has full authority to have your car towed from the public street on which it's parked
  • Leaving a "junked" car parked on the street
    • Even if this is parked in front of your own home, law enforcement can issue a citation

IMPORTANT: Some cities have exceptions or altered rulings, so make sure you are up to date on your local ordinances when it comes to public parking.

What are "junked vehicles"?

According to the City of Lubbock code enforcement, these are vehicles that (a) have an expired or missing inspection sticker, (b) are clearly damaged beyond operation and/or are dismantled, and (c) have been parked in one spot for more than 30 days.

Citations include a 10-day notice to bring the vehicle back to operation and city compliance.

The reason for these citations is because junked vehicles pose safety concerns for children and local wildlife, as well as health concerns from the risk of toxic fluid leaks.

Report a violation

Citizens of Lubbock can report parking violations and learn more about city ordinances through the code enforcement page on the city website.

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