The media in Texas has now reached a new level of sad.

On Monday, the Dallas Morning News ran a piece about the 2022 gubernatorial race in Texas by political writer Gromer Jeffers. Jeffers, and by extension, the Dallas Morning News, are now actively campaigning for Beto O'Rourke to take on incumbent governor Greg Abbott.

Jeffers explains to the reader that as of right now, Democrats have very few options for governor, and that O’Rourke could be the guy. He writes:

Texas Democrats need O’Rourke because they have no one else who can beat Abbott, a well-known political figure with a huge campaign fund and formidable grassroots army. O’Rourke would also be likely to lose to Abbott, but would give Democrats a credible candidate who can raise money, develop and deploy a volunteer army and — for the first time since 2014 — force Abbott to focus on his reelection bid, instead of using his considerable resources to help down-ballot Republicans.

O’Rourke is a two-time loser who has become more and more liberal since his failed Senate run against Cruz in 2018. He wants to take Texans' guns, open the border and kill energy production in Texas. Yet somehow, he is the best Democrats have? I guess that's good news for Republicans.

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It's my belief that if O'Rourke were to challenge Abbott in 2022, he would not be seen as the moderate candidate that Texans saw when he challenged Senator Ted Cruz. They would see him as the far-leftist that he is. Abbott also wouldn't take O'Rourke lightly like the Cruz campaign initially did, and I don't see moderate Republicans either staying home or voting for O'Rourke.

Face it, Texas media -- Beto is done.

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