Dr. Squatch is a soap product that claims to be made with the best ingredients and cut by hand. It caught my eye with catchy advertising on YouTube, and I compared it to the Axe brand in my head. I always saw Axe as a “teenage boy” brand and I was never happy with their scents, so I was very skeptical. I am not getting any endorsement currently from Dr. Squatch, but I have been using Dr. Squatch for a year now and I will continue to use it. 

Why Did I Start Using It? 

I started using Dr. Squatch because the advertising made me interested and skeptical at the same time. I looked around at the reviews, and I did not feel like any of them were credible. I checked their website and I found I could get every soap they had for a low starting price. I decided to give it a try and make my own review.  

What are the Positives?  

I like the earthy scents that many of the soaps have. Some are very “clean” scents, and I do not like them as much, but the earthy scents are nice and not like anything else I have tried. I love the cedar citrus because it smells like a cedar tree when you first cut it open. They also have some gritty soaps which I also liked, but I found that the soap lasted longer if I used a loofah. When I used a loofah, I did not need the grit. I also have sensitive skin and did not have any issues with any of the soaps that I tried. 

What are the Negatives? 

It is a little expensive. I think the normal price is around seven dollars a bar but if you get it sent to you regularly, you can get it for less. When you compare that to Irish spring it is much more expensive. There are also a few soaps that I just do not like the scent of, so you will need to try them until you find the one you like. If you like to use the soap directly on your skin, then it will not last as long. Unlike the commercial, you can enjoy the smell in your shower, but you will not smell like a cedar tree once you get out. The scent does not last on your skin very long. Lastly, I like being able to go to the store and buy soap, but as of writing this article I have only found it online. 

In conclusion, I will continue to buy Dr. Squatch, but I will probably stick with my three favorite scents which are cedar citrus, pine tar, and cold brew cleanse, in that order. The price is not that bad if you use a loofah and have it sent to you every three weeks. If you have thought about trying Dr. Squatch but are worried that it is just a gimmick, it probably is, but they have a good product. Here is a link if you want to give it a shot. 

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